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RAVE To all the other volunteers at Friends of Seattle Public Library who provided teachers with vouchers to purchase used books for their classrooms and found time to facilitate the sale. What an awesome event. Thank you for helping place books in the hands of our students to instill a love of reading!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the young father with small kids who swore at me to mind my own #@&! business when I advised him that he’d just left his car in a no-parking zone when there was a legal and free parking space about 20 feet away. Rave to the parking-enforcement officer who happened by a few minutes later and ticketed the guy’s empty car.

RAVE To whoever shut off the gas pumps just in time at the gas station next to the site of the recent North Bend explosion. Your quick action saved many lives, thank you!

RANT To the driver on Interstate 5 who reacted to a police cruiser approaching from behind at 75 mph, sirens blaring, lights flashing, by bringing her car to a dead stop — in the fast lane! The cop had to slam on his brakes, then go around her. If you don’t know how to respond to an emergency vehicle, you have no business driving!

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RAVE To the Wedgwood Windermere office who sponsored “free-cycle” collection of used electronics, free secure-shredding service and food drive. They’re the epitome of good neighbors.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to the lady who stopped to check that my daughter was OK when she was nearly hit in the crosswalk with the light to cross. Rant to the idiot driver who pulled around the stopped cars and sped through the red light and intersection, narrowly missing my daughter and speeding away. Seattle is a community of walkers. Pay attention please!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the driver who rammed into my car in the Starbucks parking lot. Rave for the witness who saw it, got the license number, came into Starbucks to ask who owned the car and told me what happened. The driver initially denied hitting my car, but ’fessed up and paid when he found out there was a witness. So grateful to the witness who went out of her way to make things right.

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