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RAVE To the women of Force 10 Hoops LLC for hosting the PAC 12 women’s basketball tournament at KeyArena. It’s so great to see young women athletes getting the respect they deserve and setting a crucial example for young women.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to the dedicated rowing coach who comes out in the early morning with his team of young rowers on Lake Washington. Rant to him as well for continuously blowing his loud whistle, waking up people in the neighborhood who are trying to sleep.

RAVE To the middle-school students on a field trip at the Woodland Park Zoo who stood aside at the lion exhibit to let my toddlers see the cubs. You waited in line just as long as we did, and I appreciate your kindness toward my little ones.

RANT To the van driver who road-raged from Seattle to Burien and beyond — stop! You tailgated everyone in your path and swung from far left to far right to follow two cars onto the exit only to get back on Interstate 5 at the last minute. You are a dangerous person/driver. And when I passed you, you were hunched over talking on your cellphone. Man up, ’cause this is not cool!

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RAVE To the wonderful people who stopped their cars to come to the aid of my dad when he fell near the Broadview Library. He’s doing OK thanks to their efforts. He’s 96 years old and loves to go to the library.

RANT To truck drivers who fail to cover trucks loaded with rocks. I was driving on Highway 522 when a truck passed me going in the opposite direction, a huge rock flew from it and hit my windshield, causing me to have it replaced. Two weeks later, I was driving when a truck passed me, again loaded with rocks flying off it, and some hit and chipped my new windshield. Both times I was unable to get any identification. Isn’t there a law against this?

RAVE To the person who found and turned in my 3-year-old’s much-loved blanket. We dropped it at the Nelson Elementary Preschool Fair the same week daddy left for a six-month deployment. We can’t thank you enough!

RANT To the Metro Bus driver for going through a red light on Phinney Avenue North. The traffic laws apply to you too and red means STOP! You have a commercial driver’s license; drive like a professional before you injure someone.

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