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RAVE To all retailers closing on Thanksgiving Day so their employees can stay home and enjoy the holiday.

RAVE To the staff at King County Superior Court who provided respect, information and measured doses of humor to the hundreds that showed up last week for jury duty. Yes, jury duty is an inconvenience to our daily lives, but because of the wonderful staff, I left with a renewed sense of civic pride and respect for my fellow citizens who answer the call to jury duty all across our nation.

RAVE To the people who helped our daughter when her arm was caught in a machine at her job: her fellow staff members for their quick-thinking, the firemen who cut her out of the machine, the paramedics who stabilized her, the ER staff at Harborview and all the well-wishers, including the flowers sent by the local QFC store.

RAVE To the building and road construction crews, truck drivers, firemen and police officers who wave or toot their horns for my 23-month old grandson as we move around Capitol Hill in his stroller. You make his day and mine.

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RAVE To the young lady in front of me in line who paid for my mocha on Veterans Day because I was wearing my Vietnam veteran jacket. Her generous action moved me, and later, when I told my wife of 62 years, we were both close to tears. Later we ate at Applebee’s, where veterans were welcomed with a handshake, thanked for our service and provided with a free meal. My heartfelt thanks to all for a memorable Veterans Day.

RAVE To the city planners of yesteryear who planted trees along much of Rainier Avenue, forming such a colorful, beautiful, natural canopy to drive or bike under during the fall.

RAVE To the four teenage kids who helped when my big car quit running in the middle of a busy intersection. One stopped oncoming traffic while the others pushed my car through the intersection into a parking spot. Thanks for helping an old grandmother in distress. You all are the best!

RAVE To Luis, who helped me at the Redmond Watershed Preserve when I’d severely sprained my ankle while jogging on the trails 2 miles from my car. He was going the opposite direction on his bike, turned around to help and offered his bike for me to ride while he jogged beside me in his cycling shoes, which greatly took the pressure off my ankle and warmed my heart. Such a nice thing to do for a stranger.

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