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RANT To the idiot who stole my seat pad at the Greenlake Spring Regatta, the black one with the bright green hook. It was a gift from a dear friend and fellow rower from Germany. May you lose all of your races while using it. Please return it to Martha’s Mom’s Rowing Club (no questions asked), and I’m sure the weather gods and rowing gods will be kind to you for the rest of your racing career.

RAVE for the crew and staff at the Moore Theatre, who jumped into action to find some items I lost at a concert. Sometimes the folks behind the scenes can be superstars too. Bravo! Standing ovation!

RANT To the couple I saw driving on I-5 with four children packed into a small truck. A baby was on the passenger’s lap and three children were standing in the area behind the bucket seats, looking out the back window. It’s illegal and dangerous to have that many passengers in a two-seater pickup. You’re putting your children’s lives in danger.

RAVE For the kids at St. Joseph School, who added hand-printed, personalized messages to each of the many cans and boxes they donated to the food bank where I volunteer: “Hope you like this!” “Have a good day!” “We’re praying for you,” and my favorite: “I hope this fills your tummy with joy!”

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RANT To the young girl driving a black convertible who backed into my parked car while turning around on my street, causing considerable damage. I saw you stop and glance out the car window then drive away without getting out of your car. I tried to flag you down, but you sped so fast I wasn’t able to get your plate number. Shame on you.

RAVE To the Seattle police officers who direct traffic and assist fans crossing the streets around Century-Link after Sounders-FC matches. Without them, I’d wait forever trying to cross the street to the light-rail train.

RANT To the person who broke into my storage shed and stole my Bob Stroller. To you, it was easy cash that could be used to buy drugs or …? For me, after experiencing a stillbirth a few months ago, it was a heartbreaking reminder of all that I lost. I hope karma returns to you tenfold.

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