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RANT AND RAVE Rant to Sound Transit and Metro for the lack of airport and stadium directional signs at the Westlake tunnel. As a daily user I frequently see lost, confused, and uncertain travelers with no clue how to pay, where to wait and if they’re in the right place. Rave to the Fare Enforcement Officers serving light rail with consistent professionalism to find fare-cheaters.

RANT to the mom who brought her too-young daughters to PNB’s “Roméo et Juliette.” It’s NOT a children’s story, and the little girls’ nonstop whispering distracted everyone around them from being able to fully enjoy the performance.

RAVE To Parks and Recreation staff who maintain Victory Heights Park as a well-groomed public place for our neighborhood. And rave, for people in the neighborhood who share in the pride a community takes in its public spaces.

RANT To the woman who clipped me with her car door and knocked me to the street as I biked by her vehicle. It was bad enough she wasn’t careful enough to look before opening her door, then she was completely rude and tried to blame the incident on me. Take responsibility for your actions and learn something or the next time you might kill somebody.

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RAVE To the King County officer who went above and beyond the call of duty and led us to the main road when we got lost in the fog in an area we were unfamiliar with.

RANT To the cretins who stole items from my sister’s car, including an antique religious icon painting that I gave her that can’t be replaced. Why don’t you grow up and get a job instead of stealing? I’m hoping once you see the icon, you’ll have an epiphany and return it.

RAVE To drivers to who yield to Metro buses trying to re-enter traffic from a bus stop. As a bus driver, you make my day less stressful, and our transit system more efficient.

RANT To everyone who is too sick to go to work or school, but is well enough to go shopping, coming into my store and telling me you stayed home because you didn’t want to infect your co-workers, but it’s OK to go out in public and infect everyone else?

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