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RAVE To the young couple who saw me trip and fall as I was getting into a taxi after a lovely trip to Pike Place Market. I fell face first into the gutter, and they were beside me immediately asking if I was hurt, gently helping lift me to my feet and checking to make sure I could stand. I can still see the young man’s face expressing such genuine care and concern, and hear his voice saying, “No, no, you stand for a minute and catch your breath, and I’ll open the door!” My embarrassment about being so careless gave way to a wave of gratitude and thankfulness. My bruises will fade, but the memory of their kindness won’t. Blessings to them!

To motorists who think Metro buses can stop on a dime and pull out in front of them so the bus driver has to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting them. Bus passengers aren’t protected by seat belts like you are and get thrown all around. This has happened several times and the latest time, had I not had my backpack next to me as a buffer, I would likely be in the ER right now. I’m in pain and angry that I can’t ride public transportation safely because people don’t use common sense.

RAVE To the wonderful woman who found our old dog wandering the neighborhood after he escaped out an unintentionally open door while we were at work. Thank you for taking him to our veterinarian’s (listed on his collar tag) so they could call us to pick up. Who knows what fate might have befallen him without your kindness!

RANT To the “lady” at Starbucks talking very loudly on her cellphone while putting her nasty bare feet up on the table where we all set our drinks and food.

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RAVE To my fellow Picardo P-Patch gardeners who voluntarily worked so hard to clean up my garden plot, making it possible for me, an 88-year-old senior citizen, to spend another enjoyable season gardening vegetables, most of which I donate to the food bank. Many thanks, friends.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the two people next to me on a red-eye from Seattle who were having highly inappropriate sexual relations for the majority of the flight and did not cease their behavior despite my repeated requests. A rave to the sweet couple sitting in front of us who got the flight attendant involved as I was wedged next to the window and traumatized with what I had to witness.

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