Paul Newman checked into the Hotel Vintage Park on a recent stay under the name "Leonard," so the staff dutifully called him "Mr. Leonard" until he finally...

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Paul Newman checked into the Hotel Vintage Park on a recent stay under the name “Leonard,” so the staff dutifully called him “Mr. Leonard” until he finally said, “Enough with the Mr. Leonard thing.” To which an employee replied, “Not a problem, Mr. Newman.”

Mr. Newman smiled.

OK, so it’s not exactly Jennifer Aniston checking into a Chicago hotel under the name “Mrs. Smith” (as gleefully reported by the tabs a couple of summers ago), but I do what I can, people. I do it for you. And come on, it’s Paul Newman. Show some respect!

Speaking of, as I was typing this, I wanted to make some reference to Mr. Newman’s extensive movie career, so I wondered aloud to my 20-something colleague: “What role would you say Paul Newman is most famous for?” To which she replied, “Um, philanthropy and salad dressing?”

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I laughed because when I heard Paul Newman was coming to town, the first thing I said was, “Weird! I just bought some of his salad dressing!” So let’s just keep it real and admit that Paul Newman made his most famous movies before we were born, and I enjoyed the tasty Newman’s Own Light Honey Mustard on a cobb salad for lunch. Speaking of tasty: According to the chef at Tulio, Mr. Salad Dressing likes his eggs fried in bacon grease. …

WHAT DO YOU suppose you talk about over dinner with a Tony-nominated director and the star of his current production, “Uncle Vanya,” at the Intiman Theatre? Chekhov? Hardly. At the Intiman’s 35th anniversary gala, I was seated between artistic director Bart Sher and actress Samantha Mathis. What I really wanted to say to Samantha was, “I loved you in ‘Pump Up the Volume.’ ” Yes, I will say it in the newspaper but not to her face. That movie (and “Heathers”!!) had a very profound effect on my high-school years. Anyway.

Samantha was telling me about the Korean spa in Lynnwood, which brought back semi-traumatic childhood memories of being scrubbed within an inch of my life at Korean bathhouses in Seoul. It’s not right. Mom! Oh, yes, I did just go there and quote Paris Hilton. It’s not right, but it’s OK.

I will tell you that Bart Sher grew up reading Herb Caen — and he is a fan of reality TV. So if you thought a heathen like me would have nothing to talk about with a paragon of the arts, you would be wrong. “Project Runway” is the great equalizer. …

THIS IS A love story, a story of unrequited pig love. It appears that two of the Pigs on Parade were smitten after meeting outside the pig pen on June 2. Dolly the PR Pig, dolled up as she is, may have fallen for Hugely Pigtacular‘s tail — tails, I mean, tuxedo tails. Or maybe it was the gold-trimmed top hat. Dolly is a sucker for a well-groomed hog. She seems a little high-maintenance to me. In any case, the pair were separated as they assumed their posts: Dolly sits in front of the Federal Court House, where she seemed alarmed by the Hell’s Angels murder trial, while her Prince-tacular guards the US Bank at 5th Avenue and Union Street.

The sponsors of the pigs — Wilson Public Relations and US Bank — want them to be reunited. “Dolly pines for Hugely over at US Bank,” writes Tamara Wilson of Wilson PR. “It’s a sad story. Do you think there is any way you can bring these two pigs together?” Clever Dolly. She may be heartbroken, but she did just get her name in the paper, so if I had to guess, I’d say her one true love is PR. …

CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS ROUNDUP: Martha Stewart buying fresh crab at Pike Place Market … Robin Williams dining late-night with a party of 12 at Queen City Grill … Andrew Shue (Melrose Place!) in an elevator at Hotel Monaco … Ty Barnett and Chris Porter from “Last Comic Standing” dancing at Dante’s … Tom Skerritt, everywhere.

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