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RAVE At dinner out we were seated near a table with 12-14 high-school prom-goers enjoying a pre-dance dinner. When our server came to take our order she was giddy to tell us that a regular diner picked up the tab for the promsters. What a thrill for everyone! Way to go, mystery diner!

RANT To the young lady who allowed her large dog to plow into a group of ducks (including ducklings) who were resting peacefully in South Lake Union Park. Fortunately no ducks were injured but they were very distressed. Also, since when did South Lake Union become an off-leash park?

RAVE On a recent sunny day riding my motorcycle along Alki, I felt dizzy, stopped and rolled off onto the grass, unable to move or speak. I was having a stroke. By sheer luck, a jogger passing by saw me and called 911. Within minutes the firetruck and ambulance arrived and took me to the hospital. Two days later I was able to check out of the hospital with no damage from the stroke, thanks to the quick 911 call and response by the emergency teams. I owe them my life.

RANT To the auto tech who tried to convince me to have my car’s air filter changed by showing me a filthy air filter that wasn’t mine. I knew I could replace it much cheaper so I went to an auto-parts store to get one and I realized that the shape of the one I saw at the oil-change place didn’t match what was in my car. In addition, my air filter didn’t need changing.

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RAVE To the WSDOT ferry crew for their professionalism and well-rehearsed response to a report of a man overboard on a Bainbridge sailing. They were calm and levelheaded during what appears to have been a false alarm. It’s good to know that ferry riders are in capable hands when emergencies occur.

RANT to the young driver of an SUV who pulled into traffic across two lanes right in front of me, nearly hit my car and then tailgated and verbally accosted me, accusing me of being a poor driver. Rather than projecting guilt over your reckless driving through aggression to me, how about checking your temper? Might save your life some day.

RAVE To the mom who did the right thing and sent our store a money order for $100 to “compensate for some clothes she found that somehow walked out of the store with her kid.” She took the money out of the child’s savings account to cover for the mistake, a lesson I’m sure that will never be forgotten by that youngster.

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