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RANT To the man openly carrying a handgun on his belt while walking around Green Lake, making me, and I’m sure a lot of other people, very uncomfortable — which I suppose was his intent. I spent the walk thinking of where to take cover in case he began shooting. There’s no place for guns in our parks.

RAVE To the city of Kent for continuing to fight against graffiti. We have been battling graffiti in our neighborhood and on the fences across from our local elementary school and each time the city is notified, the graffiti is painted over within just a few days. Thanks for keeping our neighborhood beautiful!

RANT Out for a bike ride on a glorious, beautiful afternoon, a cyclist passed me going the other direction screaming at a jogger “to get off ‘his’ side of the road” and “to go back where you came from.” I couldn’t believe my ears. I caught up with the jogger and apologized as someone (also) on a bike.

RAVE To the person who very kindly turned my iPad and its case to postal workers after I’d mailed a package and dashed back to work only to discover I’d forgotten my iPad. I immediately drove back and was so relieved and thankful that it had been turned in to Lost & Found. My life is on that iPad, and it would have been a nightmare had I lost it.

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RANT To the huge online-payment company who won’t let me on because I forgot my password and don’t remember the answers I gave to my security questions (and to me too, I guess). I have a new credit card number, so can’t use that to verify my account number. I can’t email them without my password; they emailed me and said they can’t answer my email. And I can’t call them without my password. I can’t buy anything from an online company that uses them, so now what?

RAVE To the kind strangers who helped me when I had a scary seizure while running. I truly appreciate the ride home for me and my running partner!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the people on my street who glare at me as I drive by their house, apparently because they think I’m going too fast. I’m not speeding — maybe this misconception is due to my old, rattling truck. I’m a father, grandfather, alert driver and not a threat to you or your family and don’t deserve these displays of disgust. Rave to your vigilance, even though it’d be much better directed at the far faster and more clueless drivers who I’ve watched tear down our street for the past 20 years.

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