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Plan ahead with this roundup of regional festivals and celebrations.

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Mentally stable at 38,000 feet: Can you trust your pilot?

NEW YORK (AP) — Airline pilots are supposed to be the ones we trust. They greet us at the door of the plane in their crisp, military-style uniforms, then welcome us aboard with that familiar soothing drawl over the PA system as we buckle ourselves in. When there's turbulence, they offer reassurance. And when the...

‘The Weegee Guide to New York’ shows mid-20th century city

NEW YORK (AP) — A new book of photos by legendary photographer Weegee shows what industrialized, pre-gentrified New York looked like in the mid-20th century, before the city was crammed with towers and billboards. Weegee, whose real name was Arthur Fellig, was famous for sensational but artfully composed black-and-white pictures of crime scenes, fires and...