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Reader’s Lens | ‘Dog Days’ contest winner

Jen Sotolongo	
Mukilteo, WA	
Twitter: @longhaultrekker	
Instagram: @longhaultrekkers	
Photo taken at Waterfowl Lake, Alberta, Canada	2017/08/19	
We headed on a road trip to the Canadian Rockies on a whim, taking advantage of the free entry to the national parks in celebration of the 150th anniversary. Avoiding the major tourist spots, we pulled over at a random trail and followed the short path to Waterfowl Lake, where we had the entire turquoise lake to ourselves. Taken with a Canon 60D on a 10-18mm lens.

Seattle Times reader Jen Sotolongo’s whimsical photo of a paw-waving pooch by a lovely lake in the Canadian Rockies.

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