Never too late: How to nab a Washington summer campsite

Think outside of the tent, so to speak, and look for campgrounds run by low-profile agencies in places you’ve never been.

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Columbia River northern pikeminnow catch reward program figures

Here is the latest update of the season on the Northern Pikeminnow Sport Reward Fishery Program happening on the Columbia River. The harvest total from May 11-17 was 9,850 pikeminnow for 1,496 anglers for a catch average of 6.6 fish per angler with 12 tags recovered compared to May 4-10 was 10,901 pikeminnow from1,679 anglers...

Anglers have plenty of chances at catching shad

Some of the best spots are located just off Highway 14 about two miles past the town of North Bonneville. Take the right hand turn by the transmission towers, and the access road allows anglers about three miles of excellent shoreline access.

Latest state Fish and Wildlife Lower Columbia River spring chinook catch estimates

Here is the latest Lower Columbia River in-season catch and angler effort estimates by state Fish and Wildlife: From May 16-17 on the Lower Columbia anglers made 6,258 trips and caught 1,099 adult spring Chinook (773 kept and 326 released), 70 summer steelhead (64 kept and 6 released) and three sockeye (released).  Based on VSI...