Tile, vinyl, wood or something else for your bathroom floor? Here are some tips for selecting the right flooring for your needs.

A good bathroom floor is more important than you think. To get the most fashionable and function out of your lavatory, check out the following tips:

The look of the flooring is only one consideration when making a choice for material. The comfort factor is also important, since this is a room where you often go barefoot.

Master-suite bathrooms are often divided into smaller areas, with perhaps the shower or toilet in a separate room. The functioning of each area should be considered and coordinated when choosing flooring.

New inlaid vinyl can mimic the look of mosaics and natural stones. Vinyl tile is a popular choice because of the huge variety of patterns, ease of maintenance, comfort and affordable cost.

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Ceramic tiles are another cost-effective option. New techniques can duplicate the look of natural stones at a fraction of the cost.

Wood can be used in the bath, although there are maintenance considerations.

Marble is a beautiful choice in the bath, but it is soft and porous and can be stained by alcohol or perfume.

Laminate flooring offers an interesting alternative to the look of wood, with none of the headaches.

When choosing flooring for a small space, choose light colors and avoid a busy pattern. A good alternative is to insert a medallion or decorative motif and repeat that motif on the walls or elsewhere in the bath.

Another way to make a small bathroom look larger is to keep flooring and walls the same color tone.

Courtesy Joan Kohn, Lori Lennon and Al Greenberg on hgtv.com