The kitchen is just to the left of the living room sharing the main part of the home. 

Mary and Melinda’s “Little House in the City” in the Wallingford neighborhood. 

Their home illustrates the concept that outdoor spaces and the neighborhood itself add to the living area of a smaller home. They often sit inside their living room with the windows open and talk to neighbors who come up and sit on the porch. 
Photographed on July 14, 2018.
The bright, open great room is anchored by a sizable chef’s table with salvaged planks underneath. “It’s a workhorse of function, and reads like a piece of furniture,” says J.A.S. Design-Build designer Mike Freeman. “The kitchen, to both of us, is a very, very important room,” says homeowner Mary Speckart. “We both love to cook; it’s a must. And we entertain quite a bit; it’s very conducive to parties.” (Mike Siegel / The Seattle Times)
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