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Seward Park Audubon Center is leading a guided nature walk Saturday through Seward Park, but with a twist: Dogs are allowed.

During the two-mile walk, participants will learn about wildlife while enjoying views of the lake and forest. The path will include stops to view an eagles nest and a mountain beaver colony.

Dogs typically spook wildlife, but that’s just a trade-off with this “furry friend” outing.

“We are frequently asked if people can bring their dogs on our walks,” says Annie Morton, education director of the Seward Park Audubon Center. “We decided that offering a walk especially for dog owners and dog lovers, who would be understanding and unconcerned if they saw less wildlife as a result of their canine companions, would be a great way to include all audiences in our programming.”

Adults pay $5; children between 2 and 15 pay $3; dogs are free. Cats are not invited.

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