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Each spring the Earth giveth its bounty anew. Or to put it plainly, there are a lot of great things to eat come May. Here are a few of our seasonal favorites from the field, forest and sea.


Eating your vegetables is never more pleasant when this spring crop first arrives from the Yakima Valley — far superior to the out-of-town stalks available year round.


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There’s an old saying: “Do you think the rain will hurt the rhubarb?” the answer to which is “Not if it’s in cans.” Of course, this time of year you don’t have to mess with canned ’barb. It’s available fresh all over town. (Don’t miss Rhubarb Fest at the Columbia City Farmer’s market May 21, .)


The world’s most fetishized allium, ramps are the Brigadoon of the culinary world: They appear for a few precious weeks each spring. These are those few weeks. Get thee to the farmer’s market!


Ugly but tasty, these mushrooms have an earthy depth and pleasant funk to them when cooked. You can forage your own, but that trend peaked sometime mid-2013. Pike Place and many other markets have got you covered.

Spot prawns

Speaking of gathering your own, if you have the chance, spot prawning on Lummi Island is a great way to pass a weekend. But they’re just as tasty no matter how procured: try Rainier Valley’s Mutual Fish (

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