Baffled by the array of goods at the cheese counter? The updated Fromage app for iPhone and iPad might help you select the right cheese for your meal.

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The new iPhone app Fromage lets you look cheeses up alphabetically, by region, by type of milk or by texture (blue, hard, soft, etc.) for each cheese, and there are about 750 of them from 18 countries, a big update from the original release. You also get a photo and the region, type of milk and a suggested wine pairing. I initially thought that was it and was ready to give the app a pass, but touch the photo and the screen flips to show a more complete write-up on each cheese.

The blurb on the Corsican cheese Brin d’Amour, for example, informs me that its rind is covered with rosemary, thyme, coriander seeds and “savory aromatic herbs that are found in the rocky, brambly underbush landscape one finds on the island.” (The writing is just the facts, not much style.)

But there’s room for you to rate the cheeses, add your own notes regarding each cheese and to send a note to a fellow turophile. And should you encounter some heretofore unknown fromage, you can also enter your own cheeses into the library, with photo.

At $2.99, a bargain for so much basic cheese info in one place.

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