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Serves four

4 slices center-cut pork loin, ½-inch thick and about 4 ounces each

Salt and pepper

1 ½ cups soft breadcrumbs, divided

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½ cup flour

2 eggs, lightly beaten

½ cup roughly chopped parsley

Zest of 1 lemon

1 tablespoon capers, rinsed and roughly chopped

2 eggs, hard-cooked for eight minutes, cooled and peeled

Olive oil, for frying

Lemon wedges

1. With a meat mallet, pound pork slices to flatten slightly. Season on both sides with salt and pepper.

2. Sprinkle a baking sheet or platter with breadcrumbs. Dust pork slices with flour on both sides, then soak in beaten egg for two minutes. Using a fork or tongs, remove pork slices one at a time from egg mixture and place on top of crumbs. Sprinkle tops of slices with more breadcrumbs, then turn over and sprinkle again so each slice is well coated. (They may be prepared up to this point an hour ahead and refrigerated, uncovered.)

3. Mix together parsley, lemon zest and capers in a small bowl. Chop hard-cooked egg and set aside.

4. Pour olive oil to a depth of ½ inch in a large cast-iron skillet (or use two pans to avoid crowding). Turn heat to medium high. When oil looks wavy, carefully place cutlets in pan and fry for two minutes, until golden. (Reduce heat if necessary.) Turn and cook for two minutes on other side, then remove and drain on paper towel. Season fried cutlets lightly with salt and pepper.

5. Arrange cutlets on a warm platter. Sprinkle with parsley mixture, then with chopped egg. Serve immediately with lemon wedges.

Eric Asimov, The New York Times

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