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We go to the mailbox this week. Questions were edited for brevity or clarification.

Q: Are there any good places for happy hour in Belltown at 4 p.m.?

A: Not many bars open that early. A few bartenders might still be rolling out of bed or combing their mustaches. But one of the city’s best cocktail dens, Rob Roy (2332 Second Ave.,, ever the workhorse, is up and running. Try the bar’s take on the Dark and Stormy, called Dark and Fernet-y.

The streets are quiet at 4. Only lively area, maybe, will be around the corner of Second Avenue and Bell Street, referred to as the old Belltown. Artists, line cooks and other industry folks hang out at divey haunts, downing Pabst Tall Boys or smoking out front. Check out Shorty’s, where Anthony Bourdain chilled out after a day of filming this summer. Nearby, the new bar Rocco’s (2228 Second Ave.,, offers pizza by the slice and a decent drink list.

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Q: I’m new in town and don’t have a car. I’m looking for a bar in Eastlake or South Lake Union to catch the Giants games. I’ll settle for NFC games, even.

A: You’re not going to have trouble finding Giants fans here. World Sports Grille, formerly Jillian’s (731 Westlake Ave. N.,, is your standard, we’ve-got-every-NFL-game-on-the-big-screen bar. Same with Bravehorse Tavern (310 Terry Ave. N.,, only with better food — smoked brisket hash for your 10 a.m. kickoff.

But I’ve got a place for you: The Wurst Place (510 Westlake Ave. N.,, where a small gathering of Giants fans and a few Redskins die-hards hang. It’s more intimate than the other joints. The bar boasts the best beer list in South Lake Union. The kitchen isn’t exactly sweating it with just bratwursts and fries, but that’s perfect game-day grub. There are two flat screens turned to Giants and Redskins games. If you hear an obnoxious Redskins fan screaming at the TV — sorry, I get excited over RGIII.

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