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Few springtime sounds are as sweet as meat on the grill and, with Cinco de Mayo around the corner, carne asada sounds even sweeter.

One spot that will surely fulfill every need is Gorditos Healthy Mexican Food, a Greenwood establishment since 1994. While I will take them at their word that their foods are trans-fat free and vegan-friendly, I definitely can’t vouch for their portion control.

Fact: I ordered a grande burrito that weighed in at more than 4 pounds.

That burrito is so large that it’s become customary for patrons to photograph their newborns next to their tortilla-swaddled counterparts. Guess who wins? Even if the baby, who must be under 1 month, is bigger, the parents still get a free burrito.

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I can guarantee, whether you have the grande burrito or a newborn, you’ll definitely leave Gorditos with a bundle: This thing is at least three meals.

The menu: The grande burrito ($9), with your choice of grilled meat, tofu or veggies, can be served enchilada-style (“wet style”) topped with melted cheese, sour cream and sauce ($1.95 extra). Other fare includes: tacos ($3.25-$4.50); quesadillas ($5.35-$7.90); carne asada or pollo asada ($11.10); and ceviche tostada ($4.95), a plate of fish, tomatoes, cilantro and jalapeños marinated in lime juice and topped with avocado. Breakfast options, served all day, include huevos rancheros ($9.45), breakfast burritos ($6.80-$8.40) and egg-and-chorizo tacos ($4.20-$5.35).

What to write home about: The grande burrito is no novelty item, rung up without even the bat of an eye when ordered by the most diminutive of customers. It remains a favorite for its flavor and price, as much as its considerable girth.

The setting: A spacious dining area with plenty of windows and walls hung with framed photos of newborns next to Gorditos burritos.

Summing up: Grande burrito ($10.95, wet-style), fish tacos ($4.50), fajita veggie quesadilla ($6.50) and two horchatas ($1.95) came to $28.25 after tax, and served two amply, to say the least.

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