We live-blogged Tuesday night's "American Idol" episode featuring auditions from Denver.

We live-blogged Tuesday night’s “American Idol” episode featuring auditions from Denver.

Here’s how the evening unfolded:

5:00 – “This … is ‘American Idol’.”

5:02 – We’re in Denver, folks, and the judges are definitely going to be feeling light-headed because of the altitude. Especially guest judge Victoria Beckham.

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5:03 – Our first audition of the night features Mark Labriola. Mark likes cheese. Good choice of song! “Tempted” by Squeeze. He has no range but I like him. Victoria’s hair is very weird. Mark gets four yeses and we have our first golden ticket of the night.

5:07 – Mario Galvan is up next. He has an annoying laugh, and the judges are mocking him. Seriously mocking him.

5:12 – We’re back and treated to a montage people with bad attitudes after getting rejected. Can you blame them.