The Final Three!

The Final Three!

I have to admit a large amount of surprise at the final three that we’ve ended up with. Back in the days before “Hollywood”, when there were 181 contestants and 77 who we had actually seen, it certainly would have been impossible to predict that we would arrive here.

In February, after the fifth week of the show I listed my first real Top 24. Of the three finalists, only Casey James was listed (he squeaked in at #22).

By the next week, Bowersox checked in at #4 and DeWyze made his first appearance at #18.

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It’s been an interesting challenge to watch this show with the knowledge that I needed to rate these contestants based purely on what I saw on the show!

Now, on to your final three ratings:

3) Casey James
Last Week: 4
Highest Rating: 3 (Finals week 6)
It’s been a great run for this singer/guitar player (guitar player/singer?) but he’s clearly the odd man out among the final three. I still get bothered by James’ goat-like vibrato when he tries to hold a note, but other then that he’s a solid entertainer. He did get the best fitting judges’ song this week, as he will be singing John Mayer’s “Daughters”, so maybe he can have a Kris Allen moment and shock the world by advancing to the final two.

2) Crystal Bowersox
Last Week: 2
Highest Rating: 1 (Finals week 2)
Bowersox came roaring back last week with two solid performances. She continues to show tremendous musical talent, but I continue to believe that she is more of a niche performer after this show is over. The stakes have obviously never been higher, so it will be interesting to see how she holds up to the pressure over these final two weeks.

1) Lee DeWyze
Last Week: 1
Highest Rating: 1 (Finals week 4)
I’m disappointed to read that Simon Cowell has saddled DeWyze with his Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” as his judges’ pick, but I have faith that Lee can dig out a special performance. If he can get past this week, my feeling is that most of the rocker vote Casey had goes to Lee, making him your next “American Idol.”