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‘Froggy Goes to Camp’

Parents: Do you (or your young grade-schoolers) know Froggy? He’s a forgetful but eager little amphibian whose adventures are chronicled by Johnathan London and Frank Remkiewicz. In this one, he hops off to Camp Run-A-Muck, where he tries archery, hiking and kayaking, with disastrous results. It’s a good introduction to what a sleepaway camp is like for little kids who might be hesitant.

Melissa Davis, NWArts&Life editor

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‘The Parent Trap’

“Let’s Get Together” (yeah, yeah, yeah!). This 1961 comedy is still one of the great summer family movies. Set at “Camp Inch” (really Bluff Lake Camp and Cedar Lake Camp in California, says Wikipedia), it’s the tale of twins (both played by Hayley Mills) who discover at camp they’ve each been raised by one of two divorced parents, whom they connive to reunite. The 1998 Lindsay Lohan version is OK, too, but this is a perfect summer rental.

Paul de Barros, Seattle Times staff critic


‘I Like Guys’

David Sedaris’ “true enough” story about his youthful desire to purge himself of his homosexuality — broadcast on “This American Life” and published in the book “Naked” — recalls a formative episode at a Greek summer camp and the particular cruelty of a boy named Pete. Note: The language and themes in story may not be suitable for some summer-camp-aged children. (Go to and search The Cruelty of Children.)

Lynn Jacobson, Seattle Times features editor

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