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I’m not a huge devotee of TV. but I do have expectations of what I decide to watch. With the good stuff that airs (“Broadchurch,” “Sherlock,” “Big Bang Theory”) it is frustrating when a much-vaunted or long-appreciated show goes in the tank. I feel kind of offended; I only have so much time left on Earth, you know. I can’t be wasting my time with drivel. Here are three shows that jumped the proverbial shark in 2013 and took time out of my existence that I can’t get back:

‘The Office’

Just like real job burnout, this faux-reality workplace series on NBC took me on an uphill ride to Boredom, with stops at YouCan’t Be Serious and I’m Walking. The “new boss” thread grew worse with every installment; the Dwight-Angela reunion was juvenile; and Mindy Kaling was unable to hide that she was about to blow the Dunder Mifflin pop stand. The tearful farewell episode was overdue.


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Oh, Portland. You are so lovely to look at. But when you are populated by bad actors and badly pronounced German, it’s time to break up. Silas Weir Mitchell, as a wine aficionado/clock repairman/werewolf was a bright spot, but even he fell victim to the horrendous script and the overtures of a wispy, colorless love interest. The obvious product placement and out-of-left-field comments about Oregon pinot noir in a recent episode made me cringe with displaced anxiety. NBC, this has become a wreck I can look away from.

‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’

How could the man who created “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “The Avengers” have cooked up this hot mess? Did ABC pod people take Joss Whedon, strip him of all his powers of character development, snappy patter, cultural references and jokes for smart people and send him back to us, an empty husk? This cut was the unkindest of all. Puny human.

Melissa Davis, NWArts&Life editor

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