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Have’a chips

Having grown up in Southern California’s Orange County, I can tell you there is little to recommend it. However, it does have one thing going for it: Have’a chips. These corn chips, which are made in Laguna Beach, have the perfect crisp quotient, inflected with an addictive tang from “soy sauce and a dash of lime.” (“Joy love light” are also listed as ingredients, but I’m thinking it’s the lime and soy sauce I’m tasting.) They are so addictive that, true story, I once ordered a box of 24 bags on Amazon, since they weren’t available here. Well, now they are. I was delighted to run across them at the Westlake Whole Foods recently. That they have not become more popular, or even a nationwide brand, must be deliberate. To wit, an employee who would not identify herself told the OC Weekly in 2005, “We don’t do press, we just make chips.”

King Krule’s ‘Easy, Easy’

The stage name of 19-year-old London musician Archy Marshall, King Krule released its debut record, “6 Feet Beneath the Moon,” in late August. “Easy, Easy,” the opening track is disjointedly infectious. Marshall’s voice — think of an adolescent Tom Waits — is gravely and heartfelt without being morose or self-serious. And despite having no real chorus, and a structure that doesn’t exactly resolve, it nevertheless sticks in your head. Check out the video on YouTube.

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Indeed the world has become a very strange place when following the online alter-ego of an over-the-counter antacid is an entertaining way to pass time, but so be it. We can’t always be reading Proust. Whoever runs the Tums twitter account has basically figured out the perfect marketing strategy: Just cheer people on as they indulge in Tums-necessitating behavior “Neapolitan ice cream … perfect for people who can’t choose only one flavor. Just eat it all!” And “RT if you’re not sure what pork rinds ARE, but you eat them anyway!” And, “It’s a curly fries kind of day, isn’t it? #TUMS” Though, if you agree with sentiments like “it’s a curly fries kind of day” — or if you buy corn chips by the case — you probably already go through plenty of Tums.

Brian Thomas Gallagher, assistant features editor

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