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Peek-a-boo toes

A toeless sandal — but of course. A toeless pump — quite chic. A toeless short boot — what? I’ve seen a lot of these marching around lately, and have to ask: If it’s cold enough to wear a boot, don’t your toes get awfully chilly? And, as those wee toes try to escape their confines — don’t they pinch?

I can’t hear you …

What was that? I couldn’t hear you; your pants were too loud. Really bright, printed pants seem to be a thing, and while I suppose they can be whimsical and charming in the right context, in general I think most of us like our pants to keep quiet. (So as to better hear our shoes, perhaps?)

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Mad hatters

It’s not that fedoras are scary — they’re adorable, and they pop up every fall, like pumpkins and elections — but they are challenging. I had a Serious Hat Conversation the other day (well, OK, it was email): A colleague and I were bemoaning the fact that we would like to wear hats, but fine and easily-smushed hair (me) and glasses (her) made it difficult. Some women have trouble finding hats that fit; some worry about wear and tear in Seattle’s autumn rain and wind. So, are we all to languish miserably hatless? Can someone please design a hat that hovers over the head?

Moira Macdonald, Seattle Times movie critic

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