Hilarious stand-up comic Brian Posehn has gotten used to being recognized as, "Oh, you're that guy. " But his profile is rising, and now...

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Hilarious stand-up comic Brian Posehn has gotten used to being recognized as, “Oh, you’re that guy.” But his profile is rising, and now he gets, “Oh, you’re that guy from ‘The Sarah Silverman Program.’ ” He’s also that guy who’s achieved something rare in comics: a laugh-out-loud funny one called “The Last Christmas,” about a tough, hard-drinking Santa Claus.

Q: In “The Last Christmas,” Santa’s spreading holiday cheer — and hot lead. Please explain the festive premise.

A: It’s just like every Santa story you’ve ever heard through time; it’s Santa fighting zombies after the apocalypse. It’s a tale that we’ve heard since we were children around the Christmas Tree. It’s just this silly idea that we had, my friend Gerry (Duggan) and I. We were playing “Halo” one day and just talking about what we were going to write together, and had this idea of Santa with a gun, and then it kind of just spun out from there. And I thought of Santa after the apocalypse. What if we just put Santa in Mad Max’s place? How would that go?

Q: Do you think children are already confused about whether they should leave out cookies for him or an extra clip?

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A: Yeah. It’s definitely not for kids.

Q: Margot Kidder will be at the comicon. Who’s the better Lois Lane — her or that girl with the Tootsie Pop skinny-body-and-large-head?

A: Oh my god, there’s no competition. I mean, that was the main problem I had with the new Superman was that she should be a cub reporter because you don’t buy her as a grown-up. Margot Kidder had that Lois Lane thing. She had that ’50s and ’60s comics Lois Lane thing. She is Lois Lane to me.

Q: Chewbacca is also a guest. You’re a big guy, and I’m guessing people will want to pose between you for photos.

A: Yeah, I’m going to try to stay away from Chewbacca so that doesn’t happen. I don’t want to be in that photo. I mean, God bless the guy that he can make a little green. I think he must make a lot of green because he’s at every convention I go to. He’s got like six inches on me, too. But I’m a lot younger. I think I’m squirrelly for a 6-foot-6 guy. Up against a seven-footer, I could probably get away from him.

Q: Why do you go to conventions?

A: I buy books. I buy a lot of Silver Age. And it’s the fun thing with your buddies. For me it’s kind of a guy weekend. I don’t camp. I don’t have a fantasy football team. I don’t have that, so this is my thing. It’s just fun to get away with a couple of friends and drink beers at night and talk about comic books and horror movies, and during the day run around and buy stuff and point at people and have a good time.

Q: What’s your involvement in the new Fantastic Four movie?

A: I’m in it. I play Sue Storm, the Invisible Girl.

Q: You’d be more of a natural than Jessica Alba.

A: A lot of fanboys are going to be really upset when they find out that Jessica Alba is not in it and they replaced her with that heavyset, bearded balding guy from TV.

Q: Theoretically, assuming that’s not the case, what would you be doing?

A: I am a priest at the wedding of Sue and Reed Richards.

Q: Anything cool happen on the set?

A: I got to meet Stan Lee, which was surreal. They broke us for lunch, and I saw him sitting alone at a table and I grabbed my plate of food and made a beeline for him and bugged him and had a great lunch. We talked about comics. He wasn’t looking for security at any point. He was actually a really nice guy. He totally let me nerd out on him.

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