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‘Parade’s End’

If you missed this excellent, five-part serialization of the great quartet of novels by Ford Madox Ford, it’s time to: a) if you have HBO, watch them on demand; b) if don’t have HBO, get it; c) rent the DVDs when they come out; or d) and you should do this anyway, read the books. A brilliant, finely wrought work of modern fiction, “Parade’s End” documents the moral, economic and social sea changes that occurred in Britain before and after WWI. And it’s also one of the great love stories in British fiction.

Paul de Barros, Seattle Times arts writer

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Happy Hour

Washington Wine Month

The only thing better than good wine is free good wine. Come sample some local wine during happy hour at the Pan Pacific Hotel as part of Washington Wine Month. The portfolio of Sonoris wines is featured from 5-7 p.m. Tuesday at the hotel bar and lobby area, 2125 Terry Ave., Seattle (

Tan Vinh, Seattle Times staff writer

Classical music

Michael Tippett

If you’re a fugue addict, or merely fugue-happy, early Michael Tippett is for you. The first two symphonies of the British composer (1905-1998) serve up tightly netted cascades of sound that shear from one dazzling orchestral color to another. With their mix of baroque vigor and modern polyphony, both Symphony No. 1 (from 1945) and Symphony No. 2 (1956) are neoclassicism at its best … and a tad more accessible than Tippett’s “Ritual Dances,” which the Seattle Symphony played last week.

Michael Upchurch, Seattle Times arts writer

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