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Born in Seattle in 1986, the prolific writer-director Nicholas Gyeney has already completed three feature films, including “Matt’s Chance,” which had a splashy 2012 premiere at the Egyptian Theatre and returns this weekend to the Cinebarre for a regular run.

Goofy, full of campy energy and a pulsing soundtrack, it uses locations in Kenmore, Mill Creek and the University District to tell an outlandish story about an obsessed Seattle loser named Matt (Edward Furlong) who turns vengeful when he discovers his pregnant girlfriend has cheated on him.

Furlong, who co-starred with Jeff Bridges in the shot-in-Seattle “American Heart,” has to carry several scenes, most demanding of which is the opening barroom episode that sets up the story. The character just seems a maudlin drunk until the movie demonstrates it has more on its mind than revenge.

“Matt’s Chance” is the first of Gyeney’s low-budget films to feature a marquee-ready cast. Gary Busey plays an eccentric pawnshop owner, Margot Kidder is a philosophical stripper and Lee Majors turns up as a driven barber who seems to operate from a kind of purgatory. Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch makes his acting debut in a tiny role.

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They’re supporting players in a story that also includes featured roles for a Ballard bar, an abandoned bank and Dante’s restaurant on Roosevelt. It doesn’t all hang together, but it tempts you to savor the last line: “Matt will return.”

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