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RAVE To all the unlimited hydroplane teams competing at Seafair. The long hours and hard work you put in are greatly appreciated by your fans. I’m so grateful to be able to watch the world’s fastest boats race on Lake Washington. Long live Seafair!

RANT To the young man who loudly and sarcastically berated a woman and her daughter in front of mortified moviegoers after he parked on her bumper, blocking her in. She had the audacity to complain and he badgered and taunted her while his girlfriend looked on, mortified. As as a man myself, the irony of his bullying after just watching “The Way Way Back” was not lost. What a bottom swimmer.

To all of the parents who instill a love of reading in their children by taking them to a King County or Seattle Public Library. It’s uplifting to see young kids excited about books!

RANT To the woman with two shrieking children at the yogurt store who didn’t try to quiet them or take them outside. People were trying to enjoy their yogurt on a hot afternoon as the woman yelled at her husband and the children wailed.

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RAVE AND RANT Rave to the calm and extremely efficient response (2 minutes!) by Washington State Patrol tow-truck officer Matt, who pushed us out of traffic after we stalled on a busy stretch of downtown I-5. Rant to the numerous drivers who honked and yelled at us as we sat there, petrified, before his arrival. May any breakdowns you experience be as short-lived and well-resolved as ours.

RAVE To the many bystanders who helped me and called 911 when I fainted and fell off a bench in front of Anthony’s Home Port. The aid car came so fast I didn’t wake up completely so didn’t get to thank everyone.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to me for not living up to my standards as a cyclist when I abused the rules of the road while navigating through 60 Acres Park. Rave to the law-enforcement officer who was direct yet polite when he reminded me of my mistake while he was working hard keeping cars, trucks, cyclists and pedestrians from colliding with each other.

RAVE To the divers and volunteers who participated in Dive Around The Clock July 19 at Redondo and raised more than $30,000 for cancer research at Seattle Children’s hospital. There were divers in the water for 24 continuous hours and volunteers there for much longer. Thanks!

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