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RAVE To the staff of the Virginia Mason Critical Care Unit who cared so dearly for our father and, recognizing that he likely wouldn’t make it to our upcoming wedding, honored him by arranging for a chaplain, flowers and cake for the wedding, providing a happy moment in the midst of suffering and an opportunity for a father to see his daughter get married. He passed the next day and the kindness of those who made this all happen will forever be with us.

RANT To the person who stole the statue of the Virgin Mary from in front of our house … we’ll pray for you, but it may not help.

RAVE For the Seal Sitters at Alki who volunteer in all weather to cordon off the area and keep a quiet watch to ensure the safety of seal pups resting on the beach. Their dedication is impressive.

RANT To the two dog walkers at the off-leash park whose extended shouting match and exchange of threats and f-bombs was very upsetting to the rest of us who were there to enjoy some relaxation — especially those who brought their kids along. We don’t let the dogs fight. Please learn how to behave as well as they do.

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RAVE To all of you who made the experience of getting a marriage license for my lesbian partner and me such a wonderful experience. The men behind the desk at the King County Courthouse were very helpful, making it seem both special and no big deal at the same time. Then a very kind straight couple also obtaining a license offered to take our photo and congratulated us on our pending legal wedding. I’m still feeling the glow from these warm encounters. Lovely to live in Seattle!

RANT While driving, I barely avoided a serious collision with a cyclist who failed to stop at a well-marked stop sign. When I rolled down my window and suggested that the rules of the road applied to bikes as well as cars; he looked directly at me and, with a smirk on his face, spat at this driver who had slowed to 15 mph, even with the right of way. Fortunately I rolled up the window just in time to avoid his disgusting mess.

RAVE To the burly driver who used his immense truck to block traffic on Green Lake Way so mama duck and her seven new ducklings could cross the street safely, then carefully lifted each tiny duckling over the otherwise insurmountable curb so it could continue on to the lake.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the graffiti “artist” who defaced the memorial sign of our son, who was killed by a drunken driver. Seeing his sign so damaged was very hurtful. Big rave to the city for replacing the sign.

RAVE To all the drivers who check “organ donor” on their license application and a posthumous rave to the man whose kidney my husband received.

RANT To the young woman driving on I-90 during morning rush hour putting on makeup, swerving all over the road oblivious to honking and flashing headlights of fellow drivers. Are your mascaraed eyes really worth risking your life and mine?

RAVE To Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, who takes time out of his hectic schedule to visit with sick kids at Seattle Children’s. My son didn’t enjoy his 12-day hospital stay but he’ll never forget meeting Wilson and will cherish the photos with him for years to come. Thank you, Russell. You must make your Mama proud.

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