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RAVE AND RANT Rave to all the volunteers who turned out on a cold, rainy Saturday to erect new playground equipment and spread wood chips at our local park, including neighbors (with a young boy) who stopped by to offer their services. Rant to his mother who was rude to the volunteers and dragged her son away because she doesn’t approve of the park. Way to teach your son about the importance of community involvement and volunteerism.

RANT To the selfish lout who parked his shiny new car across two spaces at St. James Cathedral to attend (I assume) the fabulous “Great Music for Great Cathedrals” concert when parking was very scarce, and to the lout I encountered and scared away as he was applying his Swiss Army knife to your hood as I walked by after parking five blocks away. You got a 3-inch gash instead of a major essay on courteous parking.

RAVE To Keith, who heard my car trying to get up a hill to get to the airport at 5:30 a.m., and got up and dressed and came to help. I made my flight; thank you for dragging my suitcase up the hill to a taxi. The sun in Florida was great.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to our neighbors who, after the death of two neighborhood pets and the near-miss of a child, joined in placing “boy with a cap and flag” figurines alongside our nonarterial street to request drivers to slow down. Rant to the late-night vandals who’ve stolen, knocked over and damaged the figures. If you’re ever mature enough to have kids of your own you might understand how disgusting this is. Perhaps you need to take a close look at your drinking habits and/or drug use.

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RAVE To King County for Burke-Gilman Trail surface improvements between Log Boom Park and Woodinville that make the trail safer, especially in wet, low-light and debris conditions.

RANT What’s the deal with the bus tunnel escalators at Third and Cherry? They’re out of order for maintenance all the time.

RAVE To the woman who found my purse I’d left in a hospital restroom when my husband was hospitalized and I was quite stressed. To my immense relief, it had been turned in to security with everything intact. Thank you, whoever you are!

RANT To the city of Seattle for turning the intersection of Fairview and Mercer into a panhandlers’ paradise. I can’t drive to work without having a cardboard sign thrust into my car window as I sit and wait at a crazy-long light. I’m sympathetic to a point but need to be able to drive to my place of work without being harassed every day.

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