RAVE From the residents at Park West Skilled Care Center, Navos Wellness Center, Daystar Retirement Village and The Kenney retirement community to the lovely ladies from Tracy Bouquet A Day for their weekly free-flower deliveries. Words can hardly convey the joy and grand feelings this gives our residents whom they’ve never met.

RANT To the parent reading her Kindle by the light of her phone during an end-of-year middle-school band performance.

RAVE For the middle-aged man in line behind me at Safeway with a beautiful bouquet of long-stemmed roses. When I admired them, he said they were for his mother’s birthday, then said “Here’s one for you.” It looks smashing on my table and made this senior’s day (week, month).

RANT To the pot smokers at Colman Park. The people of this state gave you the right to get high at home. Why do you need to fill my lungs as I jog? Rant also to the police; public pot smoking is still illegal; why don’t you take action?

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RAVE From Burnaby, B.C., to the folks at Dahlia Lounge, Silver Cloud Hotel — Stadium, Safeco Field and the Mariners for doing the completely unexpected to make mom’s 90th birthday a fabulous one. Seattle, we love you. Go Mariners!

RANT To all my neighbors who use lawn-service companies that use leaf blowers, constantly polluting the neighborhood with hours of noise. The sidewalks aren’t even messy this time of year. Please, get a broom.

RAVE To the young man carrying his daughter who saw my sister and me struggling to load bags of bark into our car, came over and loaded the bags for us one-handed, then shook our hands and said it was a pleasure. We were awestruck at this knight in shining armor and told everyone how he made our day.

RANT To slow drivers on the two-lane highway: If the speed limit is 50 mph and you’re driving 35 mph with a long line of cars behind you, please pull over and let the rest of us go by.

RAVE To the child who posted the homemade sign with great artwork warning hikers about the “bees/extreme stingers” on a trail at Saint Edward State Park. Thanks for being so helpful!

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