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RAVE A huge rave to the Seattle Seahawks, for sallying forth your individual and team talent and bringing home the Lombardi Trophy, congratulations! Rave to the Denver Broncos for being gracious in defeat. Lastly a heartfelt rave to all Seattle Seahawks fans for enthusiastically and respectfully reveling in an amazing Super Bowl win without destroying our city. I’m proud to be a part of a class act all around!

RANT To the announcers at the Super Bowl proclaiming that this Seahawk national championship is the second for Seattle, citing the Sonics win in the ’78-’79 season. Hello! Our Seattle Storm won two national championships: 2004 and 2010. Also rant for scheduling the victory parade during the work/school week. All the young “12th men” can’t go. Why wasn’t it scheduled for Saturday or Sunday, when families could enjoy the celebration?

RAVE To my brilliantly funny anonymous neighbors who Skittled us after the Seahawks win. I heard people noises after the game and found a bag of Skittles on my front steps. You made a great day even better. Go Hawks!

RANT To the fans who chose to celebrate the Seahawks’ Super Bowl victory by damaging the Pioneer Square pergola and burning and destroying furniture on frat row as the whole world watched.

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RANT To the driver of the pumper truck (with red on the side) who sprayed a caramel-colored liquid all over our car on Interstate 90 headed westbound on Super Bowl Sunday morning. You came close to making us crash going on the bridge. Not being able to watch the Seahawks during the Super Bowl would have been unthinkable.

RAVE To the young man on our crowded bus who defused an ugly confrontation between two other passengers so brilliantly. He was coolheaded, respectful even to the man who was agitated beyond all reason, and his response made those witnessing the event feel safer.

RANT To people who drive with a pet on their lap. Don’t you realize how dangerous this is for both you and your pet? Your ability to steer is impaired, and if you’re hit in the rear, your air bags could inflate, seriously injuring or killing your pet.

RANT For the texting driver who drove through a red light, injuring a pianist friend of ours. A fine artist’s career has been damaged because this driver decided her text message was more important than everyone and everything else.

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