RAVE AND RANT Rave to the 911 dispatcher and Seattle police officers who arrived quickly and kindly took care of a 7-year-old boy walking alone along Aurora Avenue after he was almost clipped by a bus. I don’t know what circumstances put him there, so I won’t rant about the parents, but rant to the many people who didn’t stop to help him, and to the bus driver who almost hit him and didn’t stop.

RANT To all the jerks at the dog park who ignored me when a huge dog ran at me from behind, taking my legs out from under me in a hard fall as I was leaving the park with my dog. The dog owner and 30+ other people in the vicinity pretended I didn’t exist as I laid in a puddle of tears and blood, then hobbled off crying. Not one person came to me, spoke to me or showed an ounce of human decency. Days later, I’m covered in bruises, scabs, and unable to turn my neck, but what hurts most is the realization that a park full of people couldn’t care less.

RAVE Despite a hot-water heater problem closing Anthony’s restaurant, the manager graciously welcomed eight of us for our St. Anne’s grade-school class of 1947 reunion luncheon. How special to be the only diners to enjoy the food, service and waterfront views.

RANT To football fans at Husky Stadium who stand almost the entire game. You bought seats, not stand-up space all game long with no concern for the comfort and visibility of people behind you. We’re all for rising and cheering at enthusiastic moments, a good play, a touchdown and the national anthem, but please, as a courtesy to all who are unable to stand the entire game, sit down so the rest of us don’t have our view blocked.

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RAVE To the young man walking toward me on First Avenue; I expected a panhandle, but instead he said, “You are beautiful, and I love your hair.” Absolutely made this 58-year-old woman’s evening, maybe week.

RANT To those who think it is OK to walk around Seattle and on buses stinking of marijuana. I got off a bus after just one stop recently because it stank of the stuff. This is flouting the new law in the face — literally — of people like me who didn’t vote for it. Please bear in mind that this isn’t what the initiative was meant to be about.

RAVE To Linda, who turned my handbag in after I’d left it in a grocery cart. I got home and realized my handbag full of prescriptions, legal papers, well … my whole life, was missing. She didn’t want a reward or even a contribution to a favorite charity. I gave her a hug and prayers for life.

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