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RAVE For the city of Seattle and the project team that worked so hard over many years restoring King Street Station to transform it from dreary to beautiful, something we can all be proud of. Now let’s see more trains using it!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to whoever broke into our car parked in front of our house. Rave to them since, while checking to see what had been taken, I looked at the registration and realized we’d neglected to renew our tabs, which we took care of that very day. So, thank you, thieves, for what you saved us: a hefty fine vs. only the lemon drops and hand lotion you took.

RAVE For Sandy, who parked her car and stood with me after she witnessed my car T-boned by a man running a red light in a busy Woodinville intersection. After we gave our stories to the police officer, she waited with me for an hour until my car was towed away, then gave me a ride home to Kenmore. Her kindness and generosity made a difficult situation much easier to bear.

RANT To all you Seattle hipsters who burn backyard bonfires, filling your neighbors’ houses with smoke that prevents us from opening our windows on warm nights. A bigger rant to the city for not enforcing the Seattle fire code.

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RAVE To the city of Edmonds for recently installing lovely, functional streetlights along the east side of Highway 99, adding pizazz and style as well as function. Nicely done!

RANT To salespeople at big electronics stores who seem to think that because of my age I don’t know anything. I’m over 90, have been in electronics since long before Steve Jobs assembled his first computer and I resent being talked down to by these young salespeople.

RAVE To the sweet person who left the little rock in my front garden with the word SMILE painted on it. I did and I thank you every time I see it!

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