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A year ago, nobody knew who THEESatisfaction was. Now the local gay-positive psychedelic space-rap/jazz group will be on the big screen at SIFF Cinema at McCaw Hall, dramatizing a past spent working at Costco and performing songs about having a sexy girlfriend (“Sexy Girlfriend“).

What local director Lynn Shelton’s done with “$5 Cover,” her upcoming webisodic series about Seattle music made for, is elevate barely-known starving artists to hero status, augmenting reality like a telescope to a star. My bet: Shelton’s use of the Moondoggies‘ heartbreaking reverie “Old Hound” will shame other local country-ish music into general meaninglessness, and make its singer Kevin Murphy a more popular saint.

Shelton and (probably all of) the artists in “$5 Cover” will be at McCaw to catch the premier March 1. Details here.

Unlimited Digital Access. $1 for 4 weeks.

The Seattle Times on “$5 Cover” at Sundance here; my interview with Shelton and breakdown of what exactly “$5 Cover” is here.