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Three Chicago EMTs (played by Michael Mosley, Kevin Daniels and Kevin Bigley) are the stars of this new half-hour comedy from creator Denis Leary. If you enjoyed Leary’s firefighter series “Rescue Me,” you’ll know and like the odd mix of humor and drama here. 10:01 p.m. Thursday, March 13, on USA (

Doug Knoop, Seattle Times staff

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Also on Thursday

“Once Upon a Time in Wonderland,” 8 p.m. (ABC): Cyrus remembers the events that led to the binding price he and his brothers have to pay; the Red Queen and the Knave are faced with the Jabberwocky.

“Hell’s Kitchen,” 8 p.m. (Fox): Twenty aspiring restaurateurs hoping to impress Ramsay present their signature dishes; after the opening night dinner service, contestants face elimination.

“Reign,” 9 p.m. (The CW): Mary comes back from her honeymoon suspicious of Lola’s unusual behavior; Bash encounters an escaped victim of the terrors of the woods; King Henry is forced to ask Queen Catherine for help.

“The Crazy Ones,” 9:31 p.m. (CBS): Andrew’s spirited and rowdy sisters come to the office to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day — Simon’s least favorite holiday.

“Parenthood,” 10 p.m. (NBC): Jasmine and Crosby butt heads over how to raise Aida; news about Joel troubles Julia; Kristina and Adam intervene when Max interrupts Sarah and Hank’s work flow.

“Vikings,” 10 p.m. (History): King Ecbert finds himself facing an entirely new kind of foe; Ragnar races to dominate in the west; Jarl Borg has his own plans in store for the future of Kattegat.

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