Kathy Griffin, a pop-culture provocateur constantly on the hunt for new targets, appears Friday and Saturday, Nov. 4-5, at Seattle's Paramount Theatre.

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Kathy Griffin is a pop-culture provocateur who relishes the spotlight and is constantly on the hunt for new targets of her scorn.

Sarah Palin, frequently one of those targets, went so far as to call Griffin a “50-year-old adult bully.”

Maybe she is. But it seems to be working.

Griffin’s TV show, “My Life on the D-List,” netted her a pair of Emmy Awards and a sea of devoted fans. With her show now off the air, Griffin has amped up her touring to the point where she’s now working on her fourth one-hour special in one year, a feat she claims no other comedian, male or female, has ever done.

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The reality TV star, author, playwright and stand-up comedian will appear Friday and Saturday at the Paramount Theatre.

Griffin has cultivated a large following from the gay and lesbian community and spent much of last year championing a repeal of the U.S. military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

She spoke over the phone a couple of weeks ago about how important the repeal of that policy was for her and her fans.

“It was actually very emotional because I’ve been working with so many military members who have been so adversely affected by this policy,” she said. “I talked to so many military members who were kicked out because of a rumor they were gay. When the repeal finally happened, it was great. I was flooded with emails from my friends in the military.”

Griffin, who turns 51 Friday, shows no signs of slowing down — or of curbing her cheeky willingness to flaunt her body.

“I love to work on my birthday,” she said. “I’ll probably just do some light bikini modeling during the day.”

Her birthday wishes?

“I do have a sweet tooth so I’ll probably see if the boys over at Top Pot can stay open for me,” she answered, referring to the famous doughnut purveyor. “That’s my idea of being a celebrity.”

Griffin seems to get her biggest laughs sticking it to the likes of Palin and Michele Bachmann. She doesn’t pull any punches about verbally trashing people just because they are women.

“My beloved 91-year-old alcoholic mother, who loves her FOX news, tried to play that card with me in the beginning by saying I was anti-woman by not supporting Palin, but then I thought, ‘Well, I’m just going to hold out for a female leader who is not a moron.’ “

Griffin is quick to point out that she’s never apologized for the things she’s said and that nothing is off the table when it comes to her comedy.

“It should be a no-holds-barred situation,” she said. “Do I offend people? Yes, of course, all the time. Am I banned from TV shows? Yep. That’s part of my deal and I know it going in and I feel like the audience knows it going in.”

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