‘Circling the Sun:’ a novelist’s vivid portrait of Beryl Markham

Paula McLain’s new novel “Circling the Sun” is based on the life and loves of adventurer and aviation pioneer Beryl Markham. McLain reads August 10 at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park.

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‘Spirals in Time’: the many secrets of seashells

In “Spirals in Time,” English marine biologist Helen Scales delivers a worldwide survey and history of seashells, as well as a warning of the havoc human predation and global warming are wreaking on these age-old denizens of the sea.

Long-lost Fitzgerald story finally published

NEW YORK (AP) — A year before F. Scott Fitzgerald died of a heart attack, he completed a short story about a hard-drinking writer diagnosed with cardiac disease. "And as for that current dodge 'No reference to any living character is intended' — no use even trying that," Fitzgerald warns at the start of "Temperature,"...