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For its 28th season, this mother-of-all reality competition shows is keeping things essentially the same (Jeff Probst is host to a group of strangers competing in a remote locale for a $1 million prize), with engaging results. Tonight the remaining contestants merge into one tribe. I’m on the side of the quiet but strong contestants (Kassandra, LJ, Spencer, Tony), they usually emerge victorious. 8 p.m. Wednesday, April 2, on CBS (

Doug Knoop, Seattle Times staff

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Also on Wednesday.

“MLB Baseball,” 7 p.m. (ROOT): Seattle Mariners at Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (Live).

“Revolution,” 8 p.m. (NBC): Frustrated with his father, Jason brings Miles important information about the Patriots; Miles, Monroe, Jason, Charlie and Connor set off to thwart the Patriots’ plans; Priscilla’s behavior draws Aaron’s suspicion.

“Nova,” 9 p.m. (KCTS): “Wild Predator Invasion”: Scientists return predators such as wolves, bears and panthers to their natural environments.

“The 100,” 9 p.m. (The CW): Clarke, Wells and Finn search for a seaweed antibiotic to help Jasper; a lovable 13-year-old named Charlotte joins Bellamy and his crew as they search for food.

“Love They Neighbor,” 9 p.m. (OWN): Linda is troubled by the kiss she shared with Philip.

“Nashville,” 10 p.m. (ABC): When news about Maddie causes a media frenzy, Rayna appears on “`Good Morning America’’ in hopes of managing the fallout; Juliette asks Charlie Wentworth for help filling seats on her tour; Scarlett receives a surprise visit from her mother.

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