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RANT AND RAVE Rant to the person who stole my elderly mom’s groceries while she was at the pharmacy filling out paperwork to get her flu shot. I hope you liked the marked-down yogurt and dented cans, since she is on a limited budget. Rave to Fred Meyer for replacing all her groceries.

RAVE For the truly wonderful staff at Seattle Children’s hospital who provided amazing, great care and attention for my two-month-old son who had to spend his first Christmas at the hospital. They even made sure Santa came to visit.

RANT AND RAVE I’m going out on a limb but I’m in a position to speak up for those in the service industry and see so much inappropriate gift-giving by employers — bottles of wine to teetotaling housekeepers, Starbucks gift cards to non-coffee-drinking janitors, boxes of butter cookies to vegan delivery persons — showing those giving have no idea of to whom they’re giving, a reminder to the recipient that they’re unknown and unappreciated. Giving money is always appropriate, and rave to those who give gas cards to employees who have vehicles or Orca cards to those who travel by bus. Take time to know those who help you all year long instead of giving something inappropriate and appeasing yourself by thinking they live your type of lifestyle.

RAVE To the good Samaritan who helped two seniors when our car wouldn’t start after we went to a movie. He walked by with his dog, asked if we needed help and came back a few minutes later with his car to give us a jump start, saving us the wait to get roadside assistance late on Christmas night.

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RANT To the person who left the note on my windshield calling me a name not printable in the paper, saying I’d parked too far over the front line while I was at an appointment for tests to determine if I had cancer. I apologize that I was worried and distracted and not paying full attention while I parked and that it caused you such distress that you left an abrasive, insensitive note.

RAVE To the people who stopped and rescued our two frightened, escaped beagles. We are forever grateful! You showed the active compassion that makes this city a truly wonderful place to live.

RANT To the boorish guests at Christmas dinner holding court on your superior wine knowledge for two uninterrupted hours. We weren’t impressed.

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