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Rick Springfield, Apolo Ohno and Kevin Nealon support Bothell’s Michael Henrichsen’s cause. So do 100 people on Facebook.

The cause? To get eyeballs on Henrichsen’s website so 80s musician Billy Idol will want to play Seattle on Henrichsen’s 25th birthday — Oct 22., 2011.

And while the movement hasn’t yet earned viral designation, and it all appears to be a bit random, it does seem to be a serious effort. And it lacks the bratty undertones of “My Super Sweet 16.”

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“I want (Idol) to find out about this, see all the work that’s been done, see how ridiculous and over the top it is, get a kick out of it, and be like, ‘You know what? Let’s go to Seattle and let’s play a small club show,'” he said.

The website started a few months ago and features videos of celebrity endorsements (which were lobbied for at book signings and fan meetings), video venue profiles (to assist Idol in deciding where to play if he comes to Seattle) and fliers for visitors to print and spread the word about Henrichsen’s mission (recently, it appeared in Canada).

On top of a full-time assistant managing retail job, a part-time internship and occasional street team work for Seattle Weekly, Henrichsen tries to update the website daily. It’s obvious purpose is to get Idol to come to Seattle next fall, but it also gives Henrichsen a project he can pour his enthusiasm into.

“I’m putting a lot time into a project that I’m really enjoying doing, which is something I haven’t had in a long time. But I don’t want a private party. I don’t want to just meet him,” Henrichsen said.

Henrichsen said that he’s even thought about making it a charity show, should Idol commit to a concert. That way, the concert could do some good and raise awareness for Idol’s music, something his generation needs to be exposed to, he said.

Henrichsen and I spoke over the phone Wednesday. Here is a bit of our conversation about his website, why he chose Billy Idol and the top five songs he’d want Idol to play if his mission is successful.

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