Cortana to answer to users of Google, Apple phones, too

Continuing on its mission to get its products on rival platforms, the software giant is making its virtual assistant available to users of Android and iOS.

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Software glitch can cause iPhones to crash

A newly-discovered glitch in Apple's software can cause iPhones to mysteriously shut down when they receive a certain text message. Apple says it's aware of the problem and is working on a fix. But some pranksters are sharing information about the glitch on social media and using it to crash other peoples' phones. The problem...

FCC takes aim at annoying telemarketing calls

The head of the Federal Communications Commission is circulating a new proposal designed to close loopholes and strengthen current rules against unwanted telemarketing calls and spam text messages.

Paul Allen, Charter and what might have been

Charter Communications was the biggest disaster among Paul Allen's post-Microsoft adventures and he gave up controlling interest in 2009. But Allen's vision for a 'wired world' might have been far better than today's cable companies offer.

Orbitz shareholders approve $1.3B deal to sell to Expedia

NEW YORK (AP) — Orbitz's shareholders have approved a takeover by rival Expedia, Orbitz said Wednesday. A vote was taken at the online travel company's annual stockholder meeting in Chicago on Wednesday. More than 99 percent of the votes favored the acquisition, Orbitz said. In February, Expedia said it would buy Orbitz in deal worth...

Tech blog spinoff Re/code is acquired by online media chain

Tech news blog Re/code said Tuesday it's been acquired by online publishing company Vox Media, just 18 months after spinning off from its former parent, The Wall Street Journal. Vox operates several news and entertainment sites, including The Verge, which also covers tech news. In an online statement, Re/code founders Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg...

Amazon hires 6K full-time workers for distribution centers

NEW YORK (AP) — Amazon is hiring 6,000 full-time workers to staff up across its more than 50 distribution centers in the U.S. The workers will pick, pack and ship products to fulfill customer orders. Currently Amazon has about 50,000 full-time workers at the centers. Amazon has been opening distribution centers across the country in...