just the tip of Seattle boom

From Chinese investors and an abundance of local talent to being cheaper than the Bay Area for tech outfits, the Puget Sound region is benefiting from the peculiar nature of the economic recovery.

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IBM venture with Chinese stirs concern

IBM is providing a Beijing company with a partial blueprint of its higher-end servers and the software that runs on them. Critics say IBM is caving in to Chinese demands, placing short-term business gains ahead of longer-term political and trade issues.

ESPN says Verizon’s new FiOS TV packages violate agreements

NEW YORK (AP) — Breaking up the cable-TV bundle won't be easy. ESPN is objecting to how Verizon is giving its FiOS TV customers more choice. In new plans that went into effect Sunday, Verizon made the ESPN and ESPN2 sports channels optional, but ESPN says its contracts with Verizon prohibit the channels from being...

Growth slowing, Twitter tries a tweak

The social-media platform updated its home page last week in the U.S., allowing visitors to click on several popular topics without logging in to an account.

How the Affordable Care Act is measuring up

Much of the attention on the Affordable Care Act has focused on government-run insurance exchanges, but the law has had big impacts on other parts of health-care delivery.