"50 Plus One Tips to Building a Retirement Nest Egg" ByLindaM. MagoonandPoonumVasishthEncouragementPress,2007($14.95) Covers how to evaluate...

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“50 Plus One Tips to Building a Retirement Nest Egg”

ByLindaM.MagoonandPoonumVasishthEncouragementPress,2007($14.95) Covers how to evaluate retirement needs and choose investments.

“Standard and Poor’s Guide to Saving for Retirement”

ByVirginiaB.MorrisandKennethM.MorrisLightbulbPress,2006($15.95) Offers insights on employer and individual retirement plans, Social Security.

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“Kiplinger’s Retire Worry Free”

ByKiplinger’sPersonalFinanceMagazinestaffKaplan,2005($17.95) Contains information about evaluating pensions, retirement-savings strategies.

“How Much Is Enough? Balancing Today’s Needs with Tomorrow’s Retirement Goals”

ByDianeMcCurdyJohnWiley&SonsInc.,2005($14.95) Focuses on developing good retirement saving habits, selecting investments and how to make retirement money grow.

“Retirement Countdown”

ByDavidShapiroPrenticeHall,2004($19.95) Discusses saving for retirement, investment options and managing risk.

“Smart and Simple Financial Strategies for Busy People”

ByJaneBryantQuinnSimon&Schuster,2006($26)Discusses saving more money and getting out of debt.

“The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke”

BySuzeOrmanRiverhead,2005($24.95)Looks at getting in the saving habit.

“Your Money or Your Life: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence”

By Joe Dominguez

and Vicki Robin

Penguin, revised paperback edition, 1999 ($15)

Challenges readers to re-evaluate spending, live more cheaply, start saving, and retire early.

“You Don’t Have to be Rich”

By Jean Chatzky

Portfolio, 2003 ($17)

“Today” show financial guru suggests taming debt and saving what you can toward the future.

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