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The holiday season is upon us. Twinkling lights everywhere indicate that Christmas is coming very soon, but it’s not too late for some home-decorating ideas before the big day.

Let’s start with the front door. After all, that is the first thing guests see when they come to your house. If your front door is white or gray, accent it with colors such as deep green, bright red or gold.

Garlands with red ribbons and twinkling lights can be seen from a distance, so guests and neighbors can enjoy the view as they approach your home.

Do you have a double door? Two-piece wreaths are becoming more popular — half the wreath goes on one door and the other half on the other door. When the doors are closed, you have one big wreath.

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To create one yourself, start with a large wreath — either a store-bought version or one you make yourself.

Cut the wreath in half with sturdy wire cutters. Securely hang the halves on each door so that when the doors are closed, the centers of the wreath meet. Decorate the wreath with ornaments or ribbon.

If you have stairs inside or out, wrap them with spiraling garland and lights. Or simply place big, red Christmas bows at intervals on the handrail.

The kitchen is always a hot spot with guests at Christmas, so why not decorate it? Pendant lights can be quickly dressed up for Christmas with garlands that start at the ceiling and finish at the lamp part of the pendant.

This decoration is up and out of the way, so the kitchen’s island and counters are available for food and other goodies.

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