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Q: We’re replacing our kitchen counters, and we plan to install stone countertops with an undermount-style sink. What accessories do you recommend we include with our new sink?

Mary, Idaho

A: Choosing a quality faucet is key. However, most kitchen faucets can easily be replaced down the road. Undermount-style sinks can be another story.

Since the counter locks the sink in place, the kitchen sink you choose may stay there for a very long time. I recommend following the new trend of installing a new kitchen sink with built-in accessories. Stock accessories are also available for existing sinks.

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But in your case, here are three popular custom add-ons for a new kitchen sink:

Bottom sink racks. These are drain racks that sit on the bottom of the sink bowls. They also protect sink bottoms to help your sink look new even after years of use.

Custom cutting boards. Specially designed to fit your sink profile, custom cutting surfaces allow you to prepare foods and easily sweep the scraps right into your disposer.

Saddle racks. Fairly new on the market, a saddle rack hangs over a sink divider wall. This allows one to turn that wasted space into a towel rack and/or a handy sponge holder, which can really ‘clean up’ the look of your new kitchen sink.

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