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Let’s face it: There’s nothing quite like owning something brand new.

Those of us who work in the new-home industry know the feeling. When choosing their never-been-used homes, our clients commonly consider the location, proximity to work and play, school districts, number of bathrooms and, of course, price and availability. But there are other considerations that could be a part of the decision matrix.

• An old house often means old components. If the pipes, roof, appliances and other items are more than a decade old, major expenses and hassles could be just around the corner. New homes are meant to last a while, and they do.

• In some cases, personalization is available — and even encouraged. Why not include an expanded deck with some added landscaping features in your backyard? Or one of the new outdoor rooms that have become so popular?

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• Green is not only cool, it’s cost efficient. Perhaps the biggest hedge against future energy-cost increases is the range of green components that most new-home builders offer. Walls, ceilings and floors are insulated. Dual-pane windows retain more heat in winter and keep the home cooler in summer.

• New homes are designed for today’s homeowner. In a recent survey by Professional Builder magazine, 58 percent of respondents ranked home design second (behind location) among factors they consider when choosing a new home. Good design works on many levels, and homebuyers intuitively get it.

My wife and I bought our first new home about 10 years ago. The home — and the experience of living in it — has more than lived up to our expectations. New is definitely nice.

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