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Q: I plan on having a new kitchen sink installed this fall, and I’m stuck on what type to get. Because I don’t have a dishwasher, I like the idea of having one large single-bowl sink for extra room.

But, I think a double-bowl sink is more practical and that is what I presently have. Can you please help me decide on what kitchen-sink style can work best for me?

A: Usually, I would list the advantages and disadvantages of both types, then let you decide.

However, a new style of kitchen sink — called “low barrier” or “smart divide” — has become available in the last few years.

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Basically, it takes the best features of single- and double-bowl kitchen sinks and puts them all in one unit.

The concept is quite simple: The divider wall between the sink bowls has been lowered, so handling larger, long-handled items such as pots and pans can be a lot easier.

But, because you still have separate sink basins, you can wash in one bowl and keep the second bowl open for rinsing or disposal use. The overall size is the same as a standard kitchen sink, making it a perfect choice for a replacement job.

Bottom line: A smart-divided sink can be an intelligent choice for your kitchen.

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