Starbucks Doubleshot, we know. That's the coffee in a can that's sold everywhere from Safeway to 7-11.

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Seattle Latte Digital Packshot_spritzed.jpgStarbucks Doubleshot, we know. That’s the coffee in a can that’s sold everywhere from Safeway to 7-11.

Discoveries, we don’t, but here’s a picture from Starbucks. They’re pre-made coffee drinks like Doubleshot or bottled Frappuccino, but they come in sealed cups and often have interesting names like Seattle and Paris and Qandi. Starbucks first sold Discoveries at convenience stores in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.

Over the next few weeks, Starbucks and business partner Arla Foods will introduce Doubleshot and Discoveries in the U.K. The Discoveries will come in three flavors: Seattle Latte, Aztlan Mocha Latte and Qandi Latte (caramel). The drinks will be made by an Arla subsidiary in Denmark.

Bottled, canned and sealed-cup drinks — along with coffee beans in grocery stores and coffee-flavored ice cream — are part of Starbucks’ global consumer products group. It’s the company’s smallest segment (the other two are U.S. stores and international stores). Last year, it represented just 8 percent of total net revenues, but it was also the only segment to post an increase in net revenues.

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Here’s what Doubleshot looks like in the U.K.:

Doubleshot Digital Packshot_spritzed.jpg

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